Sustainable Materials

Sustainable Materials

We call for !

Save oil

Reduce carbon dioxide emission

Save coal

Reduce pollution

Environmental protection benefits

The adoption of “ECO CIRCLE” adoption can dramatically reduce the environmental load.

Controlling the use of resource-exhausted resources.

        Can control the use of new petroleum material which in order polyester raw materials.


Reducing the emission of greenhouse gases (CO₂)

        Compared with incineration disposal method , it can dramatically reduce the emission of greenhouse gas.

Controlling the waste

        The used polyester products are no longer garbage but can be effectively reused as resources. It can make a contribution to controlling the

No one wants old clothes to give away, and it is a pity to throw them away. If you want to donate, you don’t know where to donate them. So many people’s old clothes pile up more and more, and they have to be treated as garbage after a long time. Not only does it cause a waste of resources, it also pollutes the environment. According to statistics, tons of waste clothes enter the burial site every day, and man-made fibers will remain on the earth for hundreds of years, thus polluting the soil and water resources.

 Recycling old clothes, promoting resource reuse, and reducing environmental pollution is a multi-tasking hao'shi...

Using waste clothing, scraps and other waste polyester materials as the initial raw materials, it is reduced to polyester through thorough chemical decomposition, and re-made into a new high-quality, multi-functional, traceable, and permanent recycling polyester fiber. The product is widely used In the fields of high-end sportswear, professional wear, school uniforms, men's and women's fashion, home textiles and bedding, car interiors, etc., in a real sense, it realizes a closed and permanent circle from clothes to clothes. As it solves that waste textiles can be recycled repeatedly, effectively reducing the use of petroleum resources and reducing waste.